This is an illustration for one of my dream journal entries. Here is an excerpt: 

"Last night I had a dream that I couldn't move my body. It was another sleep paralysis dream, but this one was unlike any I've experienced before. I felt a crushing weight on my body. It was as if two hundred sumo wrestlers were stacking their bulbous bodies on top of mine. I don't remember having any visuals during the dream. I existed only in absolute darkness. 

I used to be terrified of that empty nothingness because of how disorienting it is to not be able to mentally place your body in a physical space. The dark still does terrify me if I let it have control. Sometimes it whispers to me that there is a person or a spooky monster following me as I try to blindly navigate its territory. It tries to deceive me with its shadows, and being blind heightens my hearing so every little noise is obviously a ghost. However, I defeat the dark by telling it that I am an adult now and my imagination is no longer that wild."